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simple, clear and unpretentious

CPH Porthouse has its architectural references from the typical Copenhagen residential block and builds further on the classic building practices from the inner city areas, in a modern and further interpreted version. The heights of the buildings are adapted to the surrounding green spaces and the view towards the harbour, so pleasant light and shadow conditions are ensured. Passages in full building height will be established, which help to draw light into both the courtyard area and the apartments. The residential project will have a vertical expression that is in contrast to Sundmolen's four preserved warehouses, which are characterised by a pronounced horizontal look.

With its façades in changing materials, light shades of colour and alternately recessed and protruding façade sections, the building will stand in contrast to the rustic, red brick of the warehouses which form a distinctive motif on the pier.

The distinctive architectural character of CPH Porthouse will help to create a calm and intimate atmosphere, which supports the experience of a vibrant town on the water.

Franz Christian Augustenborg Ødum, Associate Partner at C.F. Møller

the team behind the architecture

CPH Porthouse is designed by C.F. Møller, which is one of Scandinavia's oldest and largest firms of architects.
C.F. Møller's work is based on the ideal of the simple, the clear and the unpretentious. The ideal has followed the practice since it was founded in 1924 and continues to be reinterpreted in the individual projects - with the basis in the location and in dialogue with international trends and regional characteristics.

C.F. Møller considers the environment, resource awareness, sensible building economy, social responsibility and good craftsman quality as an essential part of their work. This overall consideration underlies all their projects; from master plans to the design of the building components.


Sundmolen must function as the sustainable quarter of the future where a mixed urban quarter will give a distinct green character, where existing warehouses are preserved and integrated and where urban space along the water will create a new, unique place in Copenhagen.

Franz Christian Augustenborg Ødum, Associate Partner at C.F. Møller

choice of materials

You can make your own personal mark on the home when choosing materials. We will look at the options together, which we have carefully chosen for CPH Porthouse. In the material programme, you can choose between five different floorings, several variations of natural stone in the bathroom and toilet as well as three different kitchen fitting brands. Then there are the various domestic appliances.


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