the area

on the edge of history and tomorrow

surfing the surface

CPH Porthouse is the place for the union between land and water and the water is an important part of CPH Porthouse's identity.

From the private outdoor area and on the lively waterfront, the view can be absorbed and the promenade can be used for walking, running or cycling while the sea invites water activities such as kayaking and rowing.

the urban park

The Nordhavn Islands will be established around the Copenhagen International School on Leventkaj. This will be an urban park on the water with plenty of activities and outdoor areas in close contact with the water, weather and nature. This park will create a very unique environment for the pupils at the school, their families and the residents of the local area.

the copenhagen docklands

Sundmolen is a unique culture-historical area characterised by the charming warehouses which were originally built for the East Asiatic Company (EAC). Until January 2017, the harbour area with quays, warehouses and room for industry was sealed off and was a free port area outside of the country's customs frontiers. Copenhagen's free port was the place where teak and silk arrived from the Far East.

living concepts

Sundmolen is the closest neighbour to the Aarhusgade urban quarter, which is being developed into a lively shopping area with supermarkets, speciality shops and cafés. By way of a joint company, a broad selection of innovative concepts will be coordinated and ensured with focus on ecology, sustainability and local quality.

Afstand metro

300 m.

International skole



500 m.

The distinctive architectural character of CPH Porthouse will help to create a calm and intimate atmosphere, which supports the experience of a vibrant town on the water.

Franz Christian Augustenborg Ødum, Associate Partner at C.F. Møller

local needs with international impact

At the tip of Sundmolen - in the warehouse farthest away - there is Green Square which sells real antiquities for homes. Furniture and accessories - of which many are Oriental - made in the past with a high value for posterity. The high-ceilinged rooms with visible beams are extremely evocative and ooze the furniture's history.

for urban living and sustainable vision

Nordhavn will be Copenhagen's sustainable urban quarter and Sundmolen is environmentally certified according to the DGNB standards at urban quarter level. The goal for CPH Porthouse is also to achieve a gold medal according to DGNB standards.
Sundmolen will be a green islet, in the middle of which a green wedge will be created with gardens that are broken by spaces.


At CIS we see ourselves as pioneers with our new campus. Our vision as a school stretches across sustainability in the form of construction materials, LED lighting and solar energy, but also social sustainability: We have an inspiring teaching environment where pupils from 82 different countries, including Denmark, feel at home and create life-long friendships around the world.

Thomas Nielsen, Director of Communications & Advancement at Copenhagen International School

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